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Company purpose, strategic direction and quality environmental policy objectives

The company fully recognizes that the survival of enterprises depends on the quality of products, and enterprises have an unshirkable responsibility for social development. Therefore, we must continue to improve, ensure that product quality meets customer needs, and at the same time comply with environmental laws, regulations, and related party requirements, and pay attention to protecting the global environment in production and service, and determine:

Enterprise Mission: Innovation and Technology, Customer Satisfaction

Strategic direction: Advanced manufacturing and service providers in the field of effect pigments

A. Quality policy and objectives:

Quality policy:

Technological innovation, quality leadership, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Quality goal:    

1. The pass rate of finished products is ≥99%

2, customer satisfaction rate ≥ 85%

B. Environmental policy and target indicators:

Energy saving, pollution reduction, accident prevention, legal compliance, and continuous compliance with relevant party expectations and requirements.

The company's environmental objectives: no penalty (compliance management), no serious complaints, no serious environmental pollution accidents.

The company will follow the principle of continuous improvement, determine annual environmental performance targets, and develop appropriate environmental management programs to ensure the achievement of environmental targets.