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Foward provides sufficient resources for the implementation of safety policies. The company conducts safety drills, safety education and training on a regular or irregular basis to enable employees to grasp occupational health protection measures and precautions;

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Summary of emergency drills:

The emergency drill provides a practical simulation for the emergency personnel, which makes the emergency personnel familiar with the necessary emergency operations, further enhances the employees' emergency escape and self-rescue capabilities, and provides experience guarantee for real emergency response actions. In this exercise, each driller has the purpose of re-learning and raising awareness. For the management personnel, the drill can find the problems in the emergency plan, and can find out the improvement measures from them. The drills are summarized as follows:

First, the leadership attaches great importance to the work, and the work is arranged in person.

The exercise was carried out under the direct leadership of the general manager under the direct supervision of Han Wen. The work was fully deployed, arranged carefully and compactly from the various stages of drill planning, preliminary preparation and formal drills, and the entire work was fully controlled. The success of this exercise was fully borne by the leadership's attention and support and the careful arrangement of the working team leaders, thus reflecting the confidence and determination of the company's leaders to ensure safety; ensuring that the safety work is implemented.

Second, the purpose of the exercise is clear, and the plan is well planned.

Starting from the actual situation of safety work, the company has carefully studied and determined the main tasks of this exercise. Its main purpose is to verify whether the emergency plan is consistent with the actual situation, find problems so that it can be corrected and improved in time, and make the emergency personnel familiar with the entire procedure of emergency operation. Enhance the proficiency and confidence of emergency personnel, improve the skills of responding to emergencies by practicing all personnel, understand the possibility of all dangers and preventive measures, so that everyone can get exercise. In the event of an accident, know what to do, what to do, how to do it, etc. Thereby improving the safety awareness and quality of all employees, and ensuring that emergency operations are completed quickly and efficiently.

Third, seriously summarize the shortcomings, continue to improve and improve

The emergency drill is carried out under the conditions of simulated accidents, and is a means to more closely approach the actual training and test training effects. It is also an important method to check the level of emergency preparedness and a key measure to evaluate the accuracy of emergency plans. Therefore, looking at the whole process of the exercise, we did find that there are many deficiencies, and we need to take the lead and continue to improve and improve.

The main problems that exist below are summarized as follows:

1. Some of the participating personnel's personal protective measures such as helmets, gloves and masks did not reach the position and directly entered the scene of the accident.

2. It is difficult to open the connection valve of titanium tetrachloride storage tank.

3. The security cordon is not pulled in place and there is no security cordon at the intersection.

The above is mainly a problem in the implementation of the exercise, which allows us to accumulate the experience of the exercise and provide reference for the practical operation of the emergency plan in the future.

In short, the drill of the emergency plan was successfully completed in accordance with the well-planned drill plan, which met the purpose of the emergency drill and proved that the emergency response plan is feasible in the emergency plan we formulated. Through emergency drills, the employees were familiar with the necessary emergency operations, and further enhanced the staff's awareness of prevention and emergency rescue.