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Innovative technology, colorful world. Since its establishment, Foward has always attached great importance to and invested heavily in independent R&D and innovation. After long-term development, the company has reached the industry leading level in R&D team, laboratory equipment, testing equipment and process technology.

Jiang Huwen, director of the research and development center of Foward, has senior professional titles, strong technical innovation awareness and enterprise management ability. He leads management teams with different professional backgrounds and experience, and is committed to the rapid and steady development of the company. There are about 40 people, including 6 intermediate engineers and above, 2 graduate students, and 18 undergraduates. The relevant R&D personnel have many years of experience in R&D and production of pearlescent pigments. The center adopts independent research and development, cooperates with universities and research institutes, and introduces foreign advanced technologies and innovations. It also uses the testing resources of Zhejiang University of Technology to conduct high-end product testing and analysis, and with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai silicate. The Institute conducts industry-university-research cooperation, strives to achieve technological innovation and breakthroughs, continuously develops new products, and makes full use of the resources of technology, manpower and other advanced and mature technological achievements of higher education institutions. The two sides will play their respective advantages and carry out comprehensive cooperation through various forms. To jointly build industry-university-research cooperation. In 2017, it was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center.

The company invests in technology research and development every year, the proportion of sales revenue is not less than 6%, and the original value of R&D equipment is more than 10 million: advanced QUV ultraviolet accelerated aging tester, ColorEye® XTS colorimeter, Malvern particle size test Mastersizer3000, LS-POP, laser particle size analyzer, pH control system, titanium tetrachloride batching system, sewage treatment system, pure water preparation system, mica grinding equipment, natural gas calcining furnace, ProMinent measurement and control instrument, TAS - 990 atomic absorption spectroscopy, microwave digestion instrument, chemical hydrothermal coating equipment and other major testing equipment, more than 30 sets (sets), at the same time equipped with a pilot scale amplification line, supporting engineering and equipment.

In the past three years, 13 projects carried out by the company have also been transformed. The research and development of ultra-fine pigmented mica pigment, high weatherability mica-based pearlescent pigment, high-dispersion ultra-fine mica powder and other related products, has applied for 14 patents, obtained 4 invention patents, and obtained 6 utility model patents.

  In the spirit of sustainable development, Foward also pays attention to his responsibilities in safety, health, environment and society. Foward strictly follows the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system. Each batch of product production process control is strictly in accordance with the uniform specifications for testing and maintenance, to ensure that the technical parameters of the product meet the requirements of the product specifications. Foward implements applicable laws and regulations in a timely manner, enhances its own testing standards, and continuously improves the reliability of the process and the stability of its quality.