Hangzhou Fuward Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1618, New Century Avenue, Linjiang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou

Contact: Sales Department

Phone: 0571-82988555

Fax: 0571-82988068

Public number: forward82988555

Email: sales@forward-ep.com

      In 1999, Hangzhou Yucheng ink Chemical Co., Ltd. was established;

      In 2007, the company was changed into Hangzhou fward Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and settled in Hangzhou Linjiang high tech Industrial Park;

In 2012, he joined the China Coatings Association, passed the quality system certification and the certification of Zhejiang science and technology enterprises.

In 2013, it was recognized by Xiaoshan District's well-known business name, Xiaoshan District's well-known trademark, Xiaoshan District Enterprise Technology Center and national high-tech enterprise. In the same year, two new products (ultrafine pigmented mica pigment and weatherable mica-based pearlescent pigment) passed the expert appraisal. It has become a provincial-level industrial new product and has been put on the market in batches.

In 2014, it passed the identification of Xiaoshan District's contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprises and Xiaoshan District's harmonious labor relations enterprises, and passed the assessment and acceptance of the safety and quality standardization standards in Xiaoshan District;

In 2015, it passed the certification of Hangzhou Enterprise Technology Center, Hangzhou Famous Trademark and Environmental System;

In 2016, it passed the certification of Hangzhou High-tech Research and Development Center and the review of national high-tech enterprises. In the same year, Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission passed the acceptance of the company's high-tech industrialization project;

In 2017, it passed the certification of the provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center in Zhejiang Province;

In 2018, authorized two utility model patents, accepted four invention patents; passed TfS audit (to achieve sustainable development together); Lily Group Co., Ltd. acquired 55% equity of Foward;

    In 2019, it applied for 16 utility model patents, identified 2 provincial new products, and passed the review of national high-tech enterprises and the re certification of TFs (to work together to achieve sustainable development suppliers), with sales exceeding 100 million for the first time;