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Every employee is Foward's greatest wealth and resources and is the foundation of Foward's development. Foward cares about the life and work of every employee, provides a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, and pays attention to the health of employees. Build an employee care system, improve employee satisfaction, and create a good career development prospect for employees.


1. In order to solve the problem of high rents of employees in the rented house, the company applied to the Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster District for ten houses of Linjiang Jiayuan, to do safety support measures, to make renovations, and to assign them to employees so that employees can work comfortably and comfortably. It also makes the life of employees more convenient after work.


2. Increase internal training of enterprises. Every year, the company requires all departments to formulate training plans and implement them. During the period when employees are on duty and during their spare time, the company actively promotes employee training programs. In addition to being fully qualified for the current post, our employees must be familiar with and understand other jobs. The goal is to train each employee into a comprehensive and multi-purpose talent. Through training, the comprehensive ability of employees can be made, so that employees can feel that they are not working to make money. We strive to build a self-expression for our employees. The platform for expressing self-ability can provide employees with a platform to improve their own ability while providing employees with a job, so that employees can feel the warmth brought by the company in a specific environment, so that the employees can work with the company. Work together and help each other.


3. The occupational occupational hazard factors are evaluated on the production workshop every year, and all the employees in the workshop are examined.

4. Organize staff gatherings and tours from time to time every year.

5. Improve the salary system. The company pays wages in full and on time on the 15th of each month, and there is a certain increase every year.

6. Improve company welfare. The company not only issues various types of subsidies in accordance with laws and regulations, but also distributes various welfare products on holidays.

7. The heart of the company leading philanthropists. The company not only has great love, but also donated 2 million to Xiaoshan District Charity Federation. The company cares for each employee and feels the warmth of the company from time to time. The company's trade unions must not only send people to visit, but also send different amounts of condolences when the employees are sick and dead, and the family is in difficulty. They also send red envelopes when the employees get married and have children.